NGO from Lithuania “Creative Future Ideas” is working with different youth groups and organizations in non-formal education field. Their trainers and youth workers have big experience in using non-formal training methods in education, organizing seminars, conferences, events. The NGO is open to all youth who wish to participate actively in non-formal education activities, and provides a variety of opportunities to spend their leisure time, develop their creative abilities and knowledge of their profession in scientific, technological, artistic, sports, tourism sections. All courses and trainings are carried out through creativity, and their main purpose is to educate a person who is able to create a society and its future prosperity.


The Associazione San Giuseppe Onlus is an NGO that deals with issues related to the discomfort of the most disadvantaged groups and promotes human development. It closely follows issues relating to migrants’ needs and disadvantaged people in general, working with them to make them protagonists of their own introduction and integration in the different areas of life. The mission of the association, in fact, is to promote awareness and solidarity with the most vulnerable people to achieve an effective and appropriate support that reveals the warm and thoughtful face of the community.

Istituto Religioso di Formazione e Istruzione Professionale (Italy)

Irfip is a VET Organization that works in four main axes: – Higher education – Compulsory training – The area of disadvantage – Training for employed and unemployed. The mission is to support the Entity, in the social and civic instances of young people, families, disadvantaged and women, so as to contribute to their social upliftment, through the implementation of various initiatives in the field of education, instruction and recreation. In particular, the Irfip seeks to achieve its social purpose, trying to offer, through professional training, one source of employment to the youth of Sub-Apennine Dauno, offering them greater employment opportunities and at the same time trying to alleviate the phenomenon of depopulation.

Instruction and Formation (Ireland)

I & F Education is an Irish based organisation working in and from Dublin for the educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of entrepreneurship, sport and personal development, youth and schools, language acquisition, inclusion and diversity and rural development. We stress and put the emphasis on lifelong learning as well as adult learning.

De La Salle College (Ireland)

De La Salle College is an all-boys second-level educational institution located in the southern suburb of Churchtown in Dublin, Ireland. We have a proud tradition of providing the highest in educational standards to those who come through our doors. The aim of De La Salle College is to educate each student to his full potential academically, culturally, socially and spiritually. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle founded the De La Salle Brothers in the 17th century in order to educate young people. The first De La Salle School in Ireland was opened near the end of the 19th century. Since then, the De La Salle schools have established an excellent reputation in educational standards. The college now has an extensive range of educational facilities to cater for about 500 pupils.There are approximately 30 teachers offering pupils an opportunity to explore the arts, science, technology and business.


We are a Spanish organization with residence in Seville, focused on the training and educational development of people of all ages, in different areas ranging from language, training and social inclusion, through the teaching of courses oriented to the training in different sectors. Our training plans are based on enhancing the skills of students for their future immersion in the labor market, expanding and updating their knowledge, as well as courses specifically aimed at employed or unemployed workers who want to acquire new skills for their development and projection within the working market.


Adharaz is an educational institution located in Seville, in Southern of Spain. Currently there are approximately 570 students and 60 staff. It belongs to the educational group called Attendis. Attendis is an educational institution with 20 schools, 10 Attendis Preschool and 3 Allkids in Andalusia and Extremadura, Spain. Its educational centers are distinguished by the role of the family in education, individualized attention, the pursuit of academic excellence and the transmission of values to their students. Furthermore, multilingualism, new technologies and sports occupy a priority place. Adharaz offers a bilingual education to students from 0 to 18 years old.